Section 1: Opening Prayer


Section 2: The Story

Watch this video on the story of Joseph:

Or read it here

Section 3: The Message

Accordance Map
Map of Joseph being sold into slavery. The Blue line is the path the Sons of Jacob took with the flocks. The red line is path of the Midianite Merchants
Google map of Accordance Map area.
This is the above map present day. Click on the map to be taken to Google Maps to look around some more.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his family because of the dreams that he had. The visions he received caused his family to turn against him.

Answer the following questions in the comments below:

How is this a story of promise and trust?

How can we trust God?

Joseph’s brothers intended the selling of Joseph to be a bad thing. They wanted to rid themselves of him, even contemplating killing him. But they didn’t, or did they….

Would the way Jesus interpreted the 10 Commandments have what Joseph’s brothers doing going against thou shalt not kill? (Answer below)

Many things in Joseph’s life seemed like the world was against him, how do you think he stayed focused on God and what He would have Joseph do?

Section 4: Learn and Engage

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Section 5: Closing Prayer


Discuss these questions below:

Do you think we as a country could survive 7 years of famine?

How would you prepare for a long famine if you knew it was coming?

Is it easy to trust God when things are going wrong?