Call of Saul

Part 1: Opening Prayer

Holy God, you can take us from where ever we are and use us in your mission and ministry. Help us to see through the conversion of Saul that none of us are too far gone or too far away from where you, for you to call us back home. You can clean anything and use us in your work here on earth. Help us to be open to you. Amen

Part 2: Story

And here is a telling of the story:

Part 3: Message

Read the story of the conversion of Saul here.


Saul was a ruthless man who had papers from the Jewish High Council to arrest people of the way or those who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. He was one of the best prosecutors of the church. People who follow the teaching of Jesus Christ were deathly afraid of Saul as is evidenced by the reading and video.

But God met him on the road to Damascus and made Saul blind. But God did not leave him this way, God sent Ananias, an apostle, to give Saul his sight back, and to show him the love God has for him. God took someone whom the church feared and turned him into one of the greatest apostles to ever live.

So when you think you are too far gone, don’t. You are never out of the reach of a loving God.

Part 4: Learn and Engage

Answer these questions in the comment section below:

  1. Is the first place we see Saul in the books of Acts included in this lesson?
    1. If no, where is it?
  2. How do you think the early church felt about Saul becoming an agent of God?
  3. Does everyone who proclaims to be a follower of Christ think exactly the same as you?
    1. Do all of those who follow Christ have the same background as you?
  4. Who gets to choose who God uses in His ministry?

Part 5: Closing Prayer

Gracious and most holy God, help us to look beyond the pasts of our brothers and sisters and only look to our collective future with you so we may be beacons of you hope in a world that needs to be turned from the darkness that surrounds us. Amen.