Abraham and God’s Covenant

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Opening Prayer:

Gracious God, sometimes you call us to things we cannot imagine doing; to be more than we thought we could and to go places we never thought we would go. Even when it isn’t far away, but to do something new, help us to have faith like Abraham to trust and follow you.  Amen.

Story Introduction Video

First, watch this video to become familiar with the story:

Reading Section 1: Travel and settling in Canaan

When we have Bible readings for my sessions, we won’t usually read the entire story. For example, Abraham’s story goes on from Genesis 11 until chapter 25 and would be about 20 pages. I am cutting it down to the most important parts to read in order to understand the story. I will have it all here online for you, or you can read from your own Bible. Today’s is from “The Message”, which is a translation I like because it tries to put the bible in terms we would understand today. If you want to read in another translation, I will have a list of the passages you should read under each section. To read it online, click the link.

Abram and Sarai travel and settle in Canaan
(11:26-12:13, 12:20-13:4)

Video: Abraham’s Travels

Reading Section 2: Genesis 17- 21 

The promised child
(17:1–19. 18:1-18, 21:1-8)

Reading Section 3: A Hard Request, Passing On The Covenant

God asks Abraham to do something hard (Genesis 22:1-19)

Genesis 23-25 Passing on the Covenant (Genesis 24:1-9, 25:1-11)

Video: Promise

Learn & Engage

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Closing Prayer:

Gracious God; teach us to follow.  Teach us to listen. Teach us to trust. Amen.