The First Book of the Bible, explaining creation


This Section covers sin and what qualifies as a sin.


The story of Noah, the Ark, and the people and animals on the Ark.

Abraham and God’s Covenant

The Story of Abraham and his Covenant with God.

Isaac and Rebekah

The Story of Isaac and Rebekah, their beginnings and the origins of Jacob and Esau.

Jacob and Esau

The Story of Jacob and his twin Esau. We discuss their sibling rivalry and the ultimate road it went down.


Joseph’s Story and his struggle to triumph.


The story of Moses up until the burning bush.

Moses and Pharaoh

The Story of Moses trying to convince Pharaoh to let his people go, ending with the plagues and the escape.

Wilderness Community

The Stories of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for forty years.

Promised Land

Getting to the Promised Land, Stories including Joshua and Rahab

10 Commandments

The Acquisition and Explanation of the Ten Commandments.