The Girl Who Became Queen

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Section 1: Opening Prayer

Holy God, sometimes you call us to do things that we may not understand. You call us to stand up for ourselves and others at times we may not be able to. Help us to know that you are always with us and that you have given us the strength to do the things you have placed before us to do. Help us to have the courage to follow and to do what you ask, just as Esther did. Amen

Section 2: Story

Here is an  overview of the story of  Esther:

And here is another telling of the story:

And here is an interesting song about Esther:

Section 3: Message

Read the story of Esther here.

Esther and Mordecai were Jews living in the Persian Empire in the capital city of Susa. This book is very interesting and tells a tale of reversal.

Esther is a story of believing we were born with a purpose, as the song above says. Esther did not want to become queen or the wife of the king but through her doing what she must, God worked a saving of her uncle Mordecai and the saving of her national people.

Esther is a story of fear and overcoming that fear and a story of believing in yourself and knowing when to stand up.

Here is a wonderful exposition on the book of Esther:

Some questions to think about:

  1. Is the name of God ever mentioned in the book of Esther?
  2. How can a story be in the Bible and not mention the name of God?
  3. If you were Esther would you have had the courage to go before the king, knowing it could lead to your death?
  4. Have you ever had to face your fears?
  5. Do you know you can do more than you think you can?
  6. What can you learn from Esther?

Seciton 4: Learn and Engage

– What are 3 things you learned?
– What is 1 question you still have?
– What part of the lesson did you most identify with?
– What part of the lesson was hardest for you?
– Where have you seen God this week?

Section 5: Closing Prayer

Gracious and most holy God, help us to know that are fears can not hold us back, and you have created for moments like the one we saw Esther in. Help us to walk faithfully with you, knowing that you are guiding us and leading us, and that you will never leave us nor forsake us. You will give us the strength and the courage to face our fears and to do what we must so that all will come to know your love. Fill us with your Spirit and guide us in your love so that we can be like Esther. Amen.