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Section 1: Opening Prayer

Gracious God please help us to learn that even though we will mess up in this life that you will always be with us and will forgive us when we do wrong. Help us also to learn that doing wrong and sinning aren’t always the same thing. Open our hearts and minds to your will and to each other. Amen.

Section 2: Story

Read: Genesis 3-4.
Read: 1 John 3:4 (and verses around 3:1-10)
Read Deuteronomy 9:7
Read through some of these verses on sin.
More resources for looking at if you would like:
Question: Has your definition of Sin changed?

Section 3: Message

The Lord’s prayers talks about sins, trespasses, debts, transgressions
What is the difference?
Is owing someone something a sin?
Is trespassing a sin?
Please comment in the discussion section about sin and what you think these words mean. This can be a new discussion or a comment on a discussion you wish to input on.

Section 4: Learn and Engage

– What are 3 things you learned?
– What is 1 question you still have?
– What part of the lesson did you most identify with?
– What part of the lesson was hardest for you?
– Where have you seen God this week?

Section 5: Closing Prayer

Daddy God, we all do wrong. We try and try but we still mess up. Help us to remember that you are alwasy there to forgive us and to keep us in rrelationship with you. Help us to acknowledge our