Daily What?

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Section 1: Opening Prayer

Let us pray. Bless, O Lord, this food to our use and us to thy service, and keep us ever mindful of the needs of others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Section 2: Story

Section 3: Message

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?
  3. What is the longest time you have gone without food?
  4. What gives you the right to command God?
    1. This is the first time in the Lord’s Prayer that we directly give a command to God. (The earlier petitions use a third person command which is vague about who fulfills the requests.)
  5. What Does it mean for God to give us daily bread?
    1. Does that mean we don’t have to work for it?
    2. To put the question another way, how does God “give” daily bread?
  6. Need versus want…
    1. What are some things you need for daily life?
    2. What are some things you want for daily life?
  7. What is the difference between wants and needs? The Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer is slightly different in Matthew and Luke.
    1. Compare the following literal translations. Are any of the differences significant?
      1. Matthew:
        1. Our daily bread give us today
      2. Luke:
        1. Our daily bread keep on giving us each day.
  8. What does Jesus mean by Bread?
    1. Materially
      1. Actual bread
      2. Anything else we need for daily life:
        1. Shelter
        2. Clothing
    2. Spiritually
      1. The bread in the Kingdom of heaven
        1. Is this to be interpreted as salvation?
  9. ἐπιούσιον
    1. This word which we usually translate as “daily” is a rare word which appears first in the Gospels.
    2. Based on its stem roots, the following possible meanings have been suggested:\
      1. daily, for the current day, for today
        1. If the bread for which we pray has something to do with daily rations, what would you say is a sufficient ration?
          1. according to military rations, a daily ration of bread was one loaf
          2. Could the size of the ration you need differ from day to day or at different periods in your life?
      2. necessary for existence
      3. for the following day, for tomorrow
      4. future, is coming, next
      5. which pertains to, which belongs to
      6. supernatural
    3. Possible translations for this petition then are:
      1. “Give us today our Daily bread” or “Give us today our bread for today”
      2. “Give us today our bread necessary for existence “
      3. “Give us today our bread for the following day, for tomorrow “
      4. “Give us today our Future bread” or “Give us today our bread that is coming”
        1. Neither of these phrases worked in this for me…
      5. “Give us today our supernatural bread”
      6. How does each of these change the meaning of this petition?
  10. Where else in the Bible are there stories about “bread”?
    1. Consider how these passages might relate to the petition in the Lord’s Prayer.
      1. Genesis 3:17-19
      2. Exodus 16.1-36
        1. What is the point of this story regarding manna in the wilderness?
          1. Does it offer any insight into our interpretation of the Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer?
      3. Ecclesiastes 11.1
      4. Luke 12.22-31
        1. Does this petition encourage us to not worry about or plan for the future?
          1. Is there a difference between worrying and planning?
            1. For example, if God takes care of all our daily needs, should you be buying life insurance?
      5. John 6.1-58
        1. Is it more important to desire the bread needed for this life or the “Bread of Life”?
      6. Matthew 26:26
  11. Luther
    1. Give us today our daily bread.
      1. What does this mean?
        1. God gives bread to sinners, this is true,
          Even if we don’t pray or if we do.
          But we ask for daily bread when we say this prayer,
          We thank God for it and remember to share.
      2. What is meant by “daily bread”?
        1. Daily bread includes all that’s needed for this life,
          Such as food and clothing, faithful husband or wife,
          Good weather, job, home, peace, friends who are true,
          Loving family, health, respect, good government too.
  12. Rabbi story:
    1. A story is told about a famous rabbi who was asked what kind of curse it was in the creation story for the serpent to have to eat earth, since this was a food that would always be available. He answered: “Humans are condemned to eat bread by the sweat of their brow, so that if they weary of their labors they will cry out to God. Especially in their distress they remain linked to God. But God has given the serpent everything it needs, so that it will never turn to Him again.”
    2. How would you relate this anecdote to the petition in the Lord’s Prayer?
  13. Now consider whether it makes any difference to your interpretation since it says “our” daily bread instead of “my” daily bread and comment again on this.

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Section 4: Learn and Engage

– What are 3 things you learned?
– What is 1 question you still have?
– What part of the lesson did you most identify with?
– What part of the lesson was hardest for you?
– Where have you seen God this week?

Part 5: Closing Prayer

Let us pray. For food and health and happy days
receive our gratitude and praise
In serving others Lord may we
Repay our debt of love to thee. Amen.