Spirit and Community

The Holy Spirit unites the disciples and empowers them to head out into the world to share the story of Jesus. The disciples are given the ability to speak in other languages because the message about Jesus is intended for the whole world. The sound of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples gets the attention of people all over Jerusalem and very quickly people from all over the world begin to gather. They are amazed to discover that the disciples are speaking in their native languages. Peter takes this opportunity to share the story about Jesus who were living in Jerusalem. The people were so impressed by the story that about 3000 people were baptized and began to follow Jesus that day.

The Church Grows

Believers gather together, and have all things in common. They sell all of their possessions and goods and distribute to all as they are in need. They spend all day together in the temple, they eat together in their homes and are generous with what they have to share. They are always praising God and having goodwill towards all people.

Peter and Paul

Simon Peter, the brother of Andrew, was a fisherman and a disciple of Jesus. Peter often asks questions and speaks for the disciples. He is present when Jesus heals his mother-in-law, at the Transfiguration and in the Garden of Gethsemene. Although he denies Jesus during his trial, he is among the first to learn of the Resurrection. On the Day of Pentecost, he speaks to the entire crowd and becomes a key leader in the early church.

Call of Saul

Saul was a ruthless man who had papers from the Jewish High Council to arrest people of the way or those who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. He was one of the best prosecutors of the church. People who follow the teaching of Jesus Christ were deathly afraid of Saul as is evidenced by the reading and video.