Come out, Come out…

Section 1: Opening Prayer

Powerful God, you do many and wonderful things for us. Help us to see your power all around us and to follow your guidance for our lives. Help us to not let ourselves be bound up by our demons, nor to let the evil one have more power over us by following his temptations. Guide us and help us to follow. Amen

Section 2: Story

Here is an animated video about the story of the Gerasene Demoniac:

And here is another animated telling of the story:

And another telling of the story:

Section 3: Message

Read the story of the Gerasene Demoniac in Matthew.

Read the story of the Gerasene Demoniac in Luke.

Read the story of the Gerasene Demoniac in Mark.

Read all of the stories above.

What is different?

What is the same?

This story is in 3 of the four gospels. It is told in varying lengths. Mark is the earliest written of the stories and Matthew and Luke use the Mark story to write theirs. Luke condenses the story but leaves many of the details, while Matthew shortens the story radically, and changes details of the story.

The main thing here for us to see is who/what Jesus has power over and what Jesus is doing in the world.

Jesus shows the disciples and all of us that He has power over all of creation, over demons and everything that exists. He can send the demons where ever He wants to but instead of sending them to the pit, He shows them mercy by sending them into a herd of swine. Jesus has mercy over those the rest of the world pushes away and is trying to show everyone the love of God through word and deed. How can we also do this?

What can you change in your world that would help others see Jesus more?

Section 4: Learn and Engage

– What are 3 things you learned?
– What is 1 question you still have?
– What part of the lesson did you most identify with?
– What part of the lesson was hardest for you?
– Where have you seen God this week?

Section 5: Closing Prayer

Gracious and most holy God, help us to show mercy and compassion on those the world turns away. Help us to show your love and grace to everyone we meet. Knowing that all of us are fighting our own demons. Help us to show more of you to the world, so the darkness can be driven away. Amen.