Faith in Times of Trouble

One of the oldest faith questions is one you may have actually asked: Why do bad things happen? Why do they happen to good people? Ultimately, the question comes to ask if God is truly good, why are bad things allowed to happen? We go over the book of Job to find answers


The Psalms are a book of prayers and praises, as well as a guide to help teach us to pray. Psalms are poetry, and are meant to be sung. When we read them they do not always feel like prose or poetry. Have you ever heard the phrase “Something was lost in translation?” When the psalms were translated from their original Hebrew into English or another language, some of the rhythm/rhyme was lost.

Wisdom and Guidance

Another word for “writings” that this section sometimes gets is “Wisdom Literature”. It means that these books are about practical skills for living. Not so much like the life hacks on YouTube that show you how to do something easier or in a cool way. More like guidance for behavior and how we relate to others. The Proverbs in particular teach us ethics as well as how to act if we are parents, children, teachers, etc. King Solomon, who was considered the wisest person who ever lived, is traditionally credited with writing much of these book.