Promised Land

Part 1: Opening Prayer

Questions to answer in comments.
What is onething you received that you did not know you needed that you are truly thankful for?

Part 2: Story

What You Need by INXS lyrics

So what you need

Hey, here is the story
Forget about the troubles in life
Don’t you know, it’s not easy
When you gotta walk upon that line

That’s why, you need
That’s why, this is what you need
I’ll give you what you need

Don’t you get sad and lonely
You need a change from what you do all day
Well there ain’t no sense on crying
Just pick it up and throw it into shape

That’s why, you need
That’s why, this is what you need
I’ll give you what you need

Hey you, won’t you listen
This is not the end of it all
Don’t you see there is a rhythm
I’ll take you where you
Really need to be, oh yeah

I’ll take you, I’ll take you, where you wanna be
I’ll take you, where you wanna be

Answer in comments:
How does this song apply to your faith?
Can we trust God/Jesus to give us what we need?

Part 3: Message

Did you know Rahab is one of the woman listed in Jesus’ lineage?

Would you trust God to cross a river in the bed, with the water just formed into a wall next to you?

Read this passage.

What do you think of Joshua’s statement of Faith?

Could you make the same Faith Statement?

One last part – Read this portion of Deuteronomy.

This is called the Shema. It is a foundational piece of the Hebrew Scriptures for Jews and shoudl be for Christians as well. It is the piece that allowed those who did enter the promised land to do so.

It tells us who we should trust in. The people were able to make it through the wilderness because God provided for their needs, and they trusted in Him.

Part 4: Learn and Engage

Quiz available at . Please use TBFF and your real first name.

Part 5: Closing Prayer

Discussion questions for posting:
Do you trust God?

Even when you don’t understand?