Intro Prayer:

Answer these quesitons in the comments below before doing anything else:
What is sin?
Are all sins equal?

Part 2:

Read: Genesis 3-4.
Read: 1 John 3:4 (and verses around 3:1-10)
Read Deuteronomy 9:7
Read through some of these verses on sin.
More resources for looking at if you would like:
Question: Has your definition of Sin changed?

Part 3:

The Lord’s prayers talks about sins, trespasses, debts, transgressions
What is the difference?
Is owing someone something a sin?
Is trespassing a sin?
Please comment in the discussion section about sin and what you think these words mean. This can be a new discussion or a comment on a discussion you wish to input on.

Part 4:

Quiz is available online at . Please use code TBFF and your first name.

Comment on a discussion started or start a discussion about sin and what God does for us even when we don’t make a good choice.

Part 5: Closing Prayer

Discussion questions for posting:
What is sin? – Your definition.
How do we keep from sinning?
Can anyone be without sin?